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A Brief Look Into The World Of Nursing

To become a nurse is to join a noble profession. Some people consider it a vocation and an opportunity to help others.

The nursing profession is a worldwide community. They provide care for people both healthy and ill, young and old and those from all cultural backgrounds. The aspects that nurses tend to are physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, and spiritual. As they focus more on the needs of an individual rather than the illness or condition, she is required to use physical and social sciences and nursing theory and technology.

Depending on extent of their practice and education, a nurse can either be a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. The licensed practical nurse reports to the registered nurse. A registered nurse provides psychological, scientific and technological care to patients and their families in several different health care environments. They not only aid the patient in treatment of their illnesses, but also teach them how to manage the illness.

In order to be able to register as a nurse, an individual has to acquire a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree or a diploma from an approved nursing program. This usually takes 4 years. A registered nurse may choose to specialize in a specific healthcare setting or treatment type, specific illnesses, certain organs or body systems or specific groups of a population, such as the elderly. She need not confine herself to just one area of specialization. For example, she can focus on skin diseases in the children from a certain environment. Post-qualification education is available for specialist subjects within the field of nursing.

The days of a nurse playing second-fiddle to the physician as a mere assistant are long over. They are important members of any health care team who are expected to pull their own weight in the area of patient management.

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