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Abundance Mindset Simple Abundance Exercises

Some of the most effective exercises for building the abundance mindset are also very simple. This article will give you a few easy things you can do right now to feel more abundant and therefore begin to create a more prosperous life.

Experts agree that feeling healthier, happier, and more prosperous will actually lead to a physical life of improved health, happiness, and prosperity. Our outer world eventually must reflect the workings of our inner world.

Think about it: When you feel really bad, whether sick, broke, or just depressed, how do the events unfold in your day? Most of us agree that when we are feeling negative the events and circumstances around us continue to get worse.

On the other hand, when you wake up feeling great, how does your day tend to proceed? Again most of us can relate to this; when we feel vibrant, alive, and joyous the world around us is a happier place filled with wonderful surprises.

This article is not about analyzing the relation of your feelings to the events and occurrences in your life. We’ll proceed under the assumption that how you feel is reflected in many ways by what happens in your life.

On this basis, it only makes sense to create as much good feeling as possible. Let’s focus on abundance and prosperity, and how you can generate the feelings of having more than enough in your life.

The truth is you don’t need thousands of dollars in your checking account to feel like you have plenty. There are a number of small things you can do to create a feeling of prosperity and plenty within your life.

Cash In Your Wallet

One very simple technique is to keep cash in your wallet. This doesn’t even need to be a significant amount; breaking a 20-dollar bill into singles works great for this.

When you open your wallet for any reason, you will note the small stack of bills inside. Your unconscious mind will observe the fact that you always have money on your person, and you will be surprised at how far this will go toward helping you feel more abundant.

Well-Stocked Cabinets

Often it’s the minutia of life that catches us off guard and causes us to feel broke or struggling. Having to constantly go to the store for groceries and supplies fuels the feeling that you never have enough and are always on the verge of running out.

Another very simple tactic is to stock your cabinets with paper towels, dish liquid, and other household essentials. You could also spend a few bucks on a large stack of canned food, and you might even go a step further by adding a few jugs of purified water to the mix.

This exercise can cost less than twenty bucks. You’ll be buying things you use anyway, and every time you look in the cabinet to see that you are well-stocked for a month or two in advance, you’ll experience a very real feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Circulate Money Instead Of Spending It

When it’s time to pay a light bill, mortgage, car payment, etc. avoid thinking in terms of spending money. That which is spent is used up and gone forever.

Instead, tell yourself you are circulating money for the good of the economy. When you pay your utility bill, you are supporting your region’s ability to have lights, water, etc.

Some of the money you circulate in this manner will be used to pay worker’s salaries, enabling them to support their families. And a portion of your payment will be profit for the company being paid, meaning it will go back into the economy.

On the occasions that you pay a bill with cash, take a moment to hold the stack of bills in your hand. Take a good look at it. Feel the texture of the printed paper with your fingers. Smell the currency. Fully immerse yourself in the experience of holding a decent chunk of cash in your hands.

At any time in the future you can easily imagine yourself holding a large sum of money because you regularly engage in the practice of doing so.

These techniques are simple, and can be applied by anyone. More importantly, they really work.

Don’t discount these tips as being too simplistic. Try them in your own life and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much they improve your feeling of abundance and prosperity.

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