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Alter Your Mental Attitude to Lose Weight Easily

A good many people that I talk to about health and fitness say that they really must do something about getting in shape or slimming down a little. What they don’t realise is that a quick crash course in weight loss is liable to be somewhat self defeating. These people are living just in the present and think that all they need is a quick fix diet for a week or two and then all will be well. They generally give no thought to maintaining their weight loss long term. It’s perfectly possible to get some weight loss by whatever means seems, at the time, to be the easiest, quickest and most expedient. However it’s no good just concentrating on getting down to the desired weight. When you do this, sometimes the methods employed can be a shade dubious, and often don’t work, or can be injurious to your health. Even if you do manage to lose some weight with crash diet methods, almost always the tendency is to put that weight back on and often you end up being heavier than ever. Just altering the way you think about attaining your ultimate goals can usually get you on the right path. This way you won’t be so easily swayed by adverts on the television or the rest of the media. We have all seen those adverts which promise fantastic weight loss over an amazingly short period of time. These don’t work and should be avoided, as should almost all pills, drugs and special food.

There is no magic bullet! In order to change your body and your health for the better and for ever, you must change your way of life. Weight loss and good health can be both easy and rapid if you go about it the right way. Basically, you need to eat, on a regular basis, all of the normal foods that you eat now, but less of them. Also, you need to up your physical activity to increase your metabolic rate, so that more calories are burned up, although this is not absolutely essential to lose weight. You have to cultivate a state of mind whereby you do not have food constantly on your mind. Tell yourself that you do not really have a very big appetite at all and that you can quite easily leave food on the plate, if you are so minded. Think about developing the sort of body that you have always wished for. Visualise the sort of benefits which will flow from a new slimmer and healthier you. Think about going shopping to buy new clothes a few sizes smaller than those you have on now. Think about going onto the beach or the swimming pool without being self-conscious about your size and appearance. Wouldn’t you just love to turn a few heads when you walk along the street? Of course you would. Well you can, if you just adjust your thinking, straighten yourself out, summon up your resolve, and start thinking slim now.

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