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Alzheimers Disease Symptoms

Alzheimer’s Disease is a common form of dementia that can be devastating to someone progressing through the stages of it and to loved ones who have to witness the degeneration of their mental faculties. Alzheimer’s Disease affects all of us, from close family and friends to strangers and famous figures like Ronald Reagan. While Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease and there are no treatments known to stop its progression, it’s important to know how to detect it early on.

All of us experience faulty memory and general malfunctions in our thinking every now and then, but the symptoms of Alzheimer’s exhibit this to such a degree that it interferes with daily living. Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms include poor retention of recently acquired knowledge, problems with developing or following plans, forgetting how to do simple daily tasks, confusion about time and location, trouble with visual and spatial perception, losing language ability, misplacing things and being unable to retrace steps, seriously poor judgment, withdrawal and significant changes in disposition. It’s normal to have occasional incidents that are reminiscent of these symptoms, but they’re more likely to be Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms when a generally older individual can’t live their life the way they used to because of excessive forgetfulness or impaired thinking.

If you or someone in your life appears to exhibit Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms, getting checked out right away can help patients plan better for the future. One way to alleviate symptoms involves medication that helps brain functioning by boosting levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter associated with memory or inhibiting glutamate, a chemical that over-actively controls the amount of substances that enter brain nerve cells in Alzheimer’s patients. Other than medicine, usually Alzheimer’s Disease is “treated” by making sure that patients engage in an active lifestyle with a healthy diet and social relationships. Alzheimer’s patients can also get a head start on dealing with things like financial issues and housing and care services so that they and their loved ones will be provided for.

Even if the condition is untreatable, it’s possible to relieve Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms to provide a better quality of life for patients and the people in their lives.After all, we should all make the best of the time that we have, and sometimes things happen in life to make us more aware of that fact.

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Sometimes things happen that allow us to enjoy life a little longeraE”clinical studies are currently being conducted and there might be a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease one day.

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