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Arrogant NHS Doctors May Kill Thousands Every Year

I have had debilitating pain for several months now. I’ve paid a visit to my GP’s surgery four times. No matter how many times I have explained my symptoms and the fact it is destroying my quality of life, she didn’t seem interested. Not until I took my partner with me last time did she say she would refer me to a specialist. Four weeks later and still suffering with constant pain, I called the surgery to clarify why I hadn’t heard anything yet. To my absolute disgust, my doctor had only just requested my referral to the specialist that very day, four weeks after my initial visit. No one could account for this. Now I am faced with an even longer wait to the see the specialist.

What powers do I have to complain? Very little. Where will it get me? Will I get an appointment any faster? You must be joking, this is the NHS after all.

Growing up, I’d frequently hear similar stories of neglect. In a very British manner, many would rather suffer in silence than ‘complain’ or pay a visit to the doctor. Is this any wonder, when every time you do visit the doctor you have to fight to make them listen to you?

People die from treatable illnesses all the time in the United Kingdom. Patients have to put pressure on doctors just to get tests done; the doctors don’t seem to care in the slightest. When you’re ill, you don’t have the energy to fight; you shouldn’t have to do their job for them! They get paid enough.

Were you aware that, depending on what country you live in, your chances of surviving cancer can be vastly different? New statistics were released this week.

Women often get told “It’s just IBS” for female problems, when tests should be done to eliminate other things, like cancer!

It’s likely that thousands die every year in this country from negligence, thanks to the NHS – a silent killer. After all, families that have just lost a loved one are less likely to complain. What could they possibly achieve? No lawsuit will ever bring their loved one back.

While every year thousands of illegal immigrants pile into the UK, using already stretched public services, we can’t even take care of our own.

Let’s hope David Cameron can improve the NHS, before thousands more die needlessly.


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