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Athletes – Beware of Metatarsalgia

Physical activities are generally considered good for the health and well being of humans everywhere, whether you are male or female. Thus people tend to take up jogging, basketball, volleyball and such other sports activities to keep themselves fit and energetic. While these are good characteristics to develop, athletes need to pay special attention to prevent sports injuries as well as painful conditions that may emanate from their sporting activities. One such painful condition is metatarsalgia, otherwise commonly called pain in the balls of the feet.

Athletes can acquire metatarsalgia condition by introducing too much stress in their metatarsal bone heads by constant pounding of the same without paying attention to the footwear they are using. It is important that athletes put on proper athletic footwear that provides sufficient cushioning from the constant pounding on hard surfaces such as roads, blacktop, concrete and other hard surfaces such as hardwood floors. To prevent metatarsalgia, athletes must wear shoes that provide proper arch support and be wide enough in the front. Narrow shoes tend to pinch the toes and potentially cause nerve damage such as inflammation that can cause significant pain.

Therefore, while athletic activites are good for the general health of the body, it is imperative that proper athletic wear be utilized to prevent dangerous and painful conditions such as metatarsalgia. Because not only are such conditions painful, they may also prevent you from enjoying your athletic activities until the conditions are taken care of and you are brought back to your normal operating condition.

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