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Atlas America Visitor Insurance Plan For United States Visitors

The travel experience of overseas travelers will be more enjoyable if the visitors are covered with a proper visitor health insurance plan. Atlas America visitors insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage to secure overseas travelers from any financial crisis. Even for short travel plans to the US require proper attention. At affordable, premium-cost customers can benefit comprehensive medical coverage and emergency medical services. Non-US citizens who are traveling to America for short period can buy Atlas America Visitors insurance plan. This plan covers the insured from 5 months and up to 12 months. After the expiry of coverage period, the policy can be extended up to 36 months.

Atlas America plan also covers for medical expenses if the insured encounters terrorist activities, trip interruptions, natural calamities… Comprehensive reimbursement will be given in the Atlas America plan for certain eligible additional causes. Essential assistance for medical evacuation of the insured is covered in case of emergency. The Atlas America is one of the few Visitors Insurance Policies that cover for pre-existing condition. Pre-existing conditions will be covered only if it is a life-threatening situation. Atlas America insurance plan also covers acute onset of pre-existing condition for those below the age of 70 up to $15,000. The mortal remains of the insured will be repatriated if there is demise during the policy period. With the support of Hygeia PPO network, Atlas America plan offers cashless billing of the medical expenses incurred during the policyholder’s stay in the hospital.

Visitor medical insurance is an integral part of travel plans given the expensive health care costs in America. You should Buy Atlas America insurance to cope with financial crisis in case of a medical emergency. Once the deductible is met, coinsurance is waived if the traveler is treated within the network and 100% expenses will be covered by the plan. 24-hour telecom assistance, maternity care and sports rider packages are also provided for the insured. Atlas America insurance plan can be purchased online to save time and energy. This plan is a trusted insurance coverage in the travel industry. The Atlas America insurance plan is underwritten by reputed corporation, Lloyds, London. International travelers can travel and stay peacefully in the US covered with Atlas America Visitors insurance. There are few special services called as Atlas Travel Assistance Services provided 24/7 for the insured during the coverage period. They are Pre-Trip health and Safety advisories, LiveTravel service, Bag Trak, Emergency message relay and Emergency Cash Transfers.

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Atlas America Insurance Review helps the traveler to understand various requirements while traveling to the US. The Atlas America insurance covers primary services like emergency hospitalization and consultation of physician.

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