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Better Hair Care Regimen For The Better of Your Hair

May be whatever hair type you have or whatever styling you do with it, nothing is complete or can look if your hair isn’t healthy. And for a better healthy and steady growing hair it is essential to follow some good hair care regimen and take more care about your hair. Only then it is possible to better shiny smooth hair. And to prevent hair loss, hair fall, dandruff or premature graying or splitting of hair a proper hair care regimen is essentially important.

For any good hair care regimen it is essential to have a regular shampoo at least on every alternate days. Use a mild shampoo with no alcohol that won’t dry out the hair. Better to apply the shampoo on scalp and roots. The ends of the hair would automatically cleanse while rinsing. Moreover after each shampoo never forget to use a conditioner or a cream rinse every time after shampooing. Conditioners soften the hair and add nutrients to it and make it more shiny and smooth. Cream rinse also makes the hair shiny and smooth along with providing a light conditioning and detangles the hair. For drying always try to dry it as naturally as possible and avoid blow-drying. Use a wide toothed comb to gently detangle the hair. And if still it becomes essential to blow-dry the hair because of time shortage, then hold the dryer at least six inches away from the head to minimize the heat damage.

Oil massage to the hair helps a lot for the better health of the hair and the scalp. It increases the blood flow to the scalp and the hair follicles beneath it. It sooths the nerves and also helps in stress relaxation. It is also helpful for increasing the blood circulation and processing natural oils. If you are having oily hair it is better not use too much oil for massaging, as there is already enough natural oil in the scalp. For best oil massage use coconut oil medicated with Bringaraja, Neela, Amalaki, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Brahmi Neem etc. The oil should be always lukewarm as it enables the oil to enter the pores of the follicles easily. Massage throughout the scalp with your fingertips in a circulation motion. Also it should be kept in mind to avoid vigorous massaging after oiling as this can cause weak and brittle hair to fall.

Our hair tends to become grey with the passing of time. Before graying the hair tends to grow dry and coarse. Therefore be sure to use moisturizing and protein conditioners. Instead of using artificial colors try to dye your hair naturally. Natural dyes like is much helpful for dying the hair. Moreover it is a form of vegetable dye and is more suitable for Asian hair than blonde hair. But still there are a lot of methods by which you can make henna dye suitable for any kind of hair.

Besides all these there is also another thing that should be given particular attention for the better health and growth of the hair. And that is the proper diet chart. It is much essential to maintain a proper and perfectly balanced diet chart. The hair along with outer care also needs to be fed properly. The lack of any vitamin, protein or minerals can cause a good deal of harm to the health and shine of the hair. Therefore it is essential to keep an eye so that proper nutrition can be supplied to the hair in adequate amount.

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