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Cacao The Healthy Bean With a Long History

The cacao bean has a much longer history than most people even realize, it can be traced back to ancient texts where it was used in ceremonies, for medicinal uses and in cooking. There have been archaeological digs that have recovered whole cacao beans and vessels, which were believed to be used for drinking cacao and can be dated as far back as Belize between 600- 400 B.C. This was such an important bean to some civilizations that it was used as currency.

This bean is found on trees that can reach between 15 and 26 feet in height and are botanically a part of the evergreen tree family Sterculiaceae and are native to tropical regions. The pod filled beans that grow on these trees are, what is used to make both cocoa and chocolate.

What has been learned today about the cacao bean that was not known by past civilizations that used the bean for medicinal purposes and as an editable is the health benefits. Today it is known that they contain nutrients that are important for good health, like Magnesium, Iron, Antioxidant Flavonoids, Vitamin C, Omega Fatty Acids and others.

One of the health benefits that chocolate lovers do not realize is its ability to act as an anti depressant, reduce heart attacks, and stroke. What the person eating chocolate realizes is the satisfying taste of this mixture that is made from cacao.

Research has proven that this is one of the most nutrient rich foods that is available, and while discussion goes on about other foods, and whether they are healthy or not the vitamin’s, antioxidants and omega fatty acids give chocolate a seal for good health.

Cacao has been linked with helping many different health problems, such as skin problems, weight loss, respiratory problems, and many other health troubles. The health benefits of consuming chocolate help to protect the cells from the damage that can be caused by free radicals. There is also evidence that this is brain food, since it contains properties like Serotonin, Dopamine, Anandamide, Typtophan, PEA and MAO inhibitors. These are properties that help increase mental awareness. It is reasons like these that many researchers believe that it is a super food, because the antioxidants found in these beans are approximately 500 times higher than those found in blueberries. There are also other chemical compounds, including Sulfur that is a mineral used by the body to promote healthy nails, and hair, but another use by the body is to detoxify the liver.

Chocolate lovers know that eating it makes them feel better, what is not evident is why, and that is because of nutrients like Magnesium, Anandamide and Phenylthlamine that are all found in the cacao bean and that help to balance the human brain. These chemicals also are known for promoting happy feelings in the brain, which makes sense to consume products made from the cacao bean when feeling down, although most people do not realize this, they like the taste.

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