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Child Care Recruitment

Child care covers a range of operations from nurseries that care for children from birth to primary-school age, to pre-schools caring for children aged two through five, to play groups, breakfast clubs, after-school clubs and holiday play schemes.

The work tends to be flexible with plenty of part-time and term-time employment suitable for parents of young children. There is a chronic lack of men, with entire nurseries run solely by women. Men are valued since many children have no positive male role models in their home.

So, if you’re a man who loves children, getting a job in child care shouldn’t be too difficult. childcarejobs promotes employment throughout the country. You don’t need qualifications to apply, though evidence of a commitment to working with children may be expected.

In times past, this was easy enough to obtain. These days, most paid positions involving children require a Criminal Records Bureau check. For the present, some voluntary groups are spared, but new regulations are coming into force in 2010, requiring all people, without exception, who work with children to submit to a new, more-scrutinising, criminal record check. The good news is that, unlike the CRB check, these new licences will be transferable from one workplace to another – it could, therefore, provide evidence of a commitment to a career with children.

If you’re unsure whether a child-care career is for you, it is possible to organise a “taster” session in which you spend time in a day-care centre, observing the daily routine of a professional, witnessing its rewards and pressures.

Child care isn’t well paid, and probably never will be. The appropriateness of a child-care career depends on what you hope to gain from your work. It certainly won’t get you power, influence, “the” house and a chick-magnet car. But if your idea of a great day involves expanding young minds and drying little eyes, it could be worth a closer look.

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