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Choosing A Countertop When Remodeling A New York Kitchen Or Bathroom

Considering all the options when giving the kitchen a new face, countertops are the easiest and generally most affordable avenue to reach that goal. Without changing another solitary thing, it is amazing how different a kitchen can look with new counters. They can affect every other aspect of the aesthetic appeal in this central room, which many feel is the very heart of the castle.


This is true of the bathroom as well. Even though it may not be considered a “central room” necessarily, enough time is spent in this area to prompt many homeowners to spend a little more on its appearance with upscale fixtures and artistically-designed wall and floor coverings to accentuate its appearance.

Although there are many choices in countertop material, whether it’s a hardwood like oak or walnut or one of the many veneers available, the attractive and solid character of a natural stone counter will greatly enhance any style of kitchen or bathroom.


From a Manhattan loft to a Staten Island colonial, a native stone like granite can inject any home with that quintessential historic look that many are finding to their liking these days. Combined with this superficial quality is the fact that stone countertops generally tend to stand up to the wear and tear of time and use. Granite in particular is a sturdy, easy-to-care for material that can resist cleaning chemicals much better than its upscale relative, marble. Although porous in nature, granite will maintain its water-insolubility if treated with a sealant every few years.


As would be expected, granite countertop products can be found quite easily across the state. There are many suppliers and retailers who carry them, and consequently there are many remodeling contractors who are experienced with their installation and care. These factors make it an easy job to shop for the best prices and compare contractor service histories.


With all of this in mind, anyone who is thinking about a quality upgrade to their home, whether it’s kitchen countertops in Manhattan or a new bathroom on Staten Island, will be doing themselves and their home a great service by investing in the look and feel of a naturally beautiful stone like granite.


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