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Choosing Between Assisted Living Facilities And Nursing Homes

There really comes a time in our lives when we find it difficult to look after ourselves. The change comes in dramatically like when we have just come from a recent illness or just suffered an accident. Whichever is the case, we are forced to stay home and seek the help of other people. It will be good if we have family and friends whom we can depend and who will extend their assistance. If this is not possible, then there are support social services such as the National Health Service or home care facilities that will provide district nurses to come and visit you. Yet others will be forced to stay either in assisted living facilities or in Florida nursing homes, whichever accommodation would satisfy them and be able to meet their needs.

Florida nursing homes, or if you wouldn’t be comfortable with that, could also called be called Florida convalescent homes, care homes, skilled nursing units, or just a rest home. It is a place where people who need care due to physical deficiencies or who could not sustain the activities of daily living will be attended to. While it may be very popular for the elderly and the seniors who have gone past their retirement age, it can also be a facility for younger adults, specifically 18 years or older, who have physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. Proper treatment and care are given them depending on their needs. There will be physical, speech, or occupational therapists who will focus to all their needs.

Among the services provided in Florida nursing homes are the services of registered nurses, nursing aides, and nursing assistants and a couple of therapists–speech, physical, and occupational. There are also recreational assistants and social workers who will likewise provide any kind of assistance that the residents would need. There are 4 nursing assistants for every 10 residents while 7 to 13 registered nurses for every 100 residents. Room and board for the residents are also among the services in Florida nursing homes. That is why in most nursing homes, care is facilitated and provided by certified nursing assistants but is strictly supervised by their skilled professionals.

As opposed to the concept of nursing homes, assisted living facilities are another option for those considering of senior care. It is another type of residence basically for seniors and elderly who can be independent but will need help in managing some of the basic day-to-day activities. Typical assisted living facilities would resemble an apartment community with each resident living in separate units. The staff would be there each day to check on them and help them with some of their personal chores while a licensed nurse would be on a 24-hour duty to respond to emergencies. Most residents in assisted living facilities would include individuals who still maintain an active lifestyle but for the peace of mind of their family members would admit them in assisted living facilities for constant care and assistance if and when needed. Some assisted living facilities would even provide transportation for their residents when they would go on a medical appointment or when they need to go out for a scheduled outing.

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When day-to-day activities become difficult, fret not for there is such a thing as assisted living facilities that will ably provide assistance for your senior loved ones; otherwise, when a comprehensive medical care is needed, there are also Florida nursing homes available for them.

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