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Clinical Consulting Services For Cost Management

Prescription benefits management is emerging as one of the fastest-growing medical sub-specialties, and with very good reason: When used effectively, prescription benefits management can save medical cost payers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by reducing prescription medication expenses. One aspect of prescription benefits management focuses on the prescriptions themselves. But another — clinical consulting services — seeks to work directly with physicians and other health-care providers to reduce prescription costs.

Some patient advocates have raised concerns about consultants’ access to and influence upon physicians. In a few cases, these concerns may be justified. A few clinical consultants have had close relationships with particular pharmaceutical companies, and have encouraged doctors to choose certain medications for some conditions.

But not all clinical consulting services are created equal. Ethical, professional consultants approach their work from a more holistic perspective, and seek to analyze prescription trends and clinical protocols for cost-savings opportunities, rather than recommending a particular prescription medication. Some consultants even work with physicians and health-care providers to evaluate outcome data, and to seek prescription protocols that provide the optimal combination of successful outcomes and cost containment.

If properly applied, prescription benefits management and clinical consulting services can provide measurable cost management, without adversely impacting patient access to medications or quality of care. When considering clinical consulting services, ask your prospective vendors about their approach. Clinical consulting services that evaluate the entire spectrum of prescription costs, care options and patient outcomes will be most likely to provide significant cost management over the long run.

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