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Counting The Tooth Whitening Cost

In fact, for many people, the issue of the tooth whitening cost is one of the most influential factors when it comes to deciding which tooth whitening method or product they will invest in. Professional tooth whitening is rarely cheap but the expertise and experience that comes with a dentist is worth paying for, if you can afford it. For those who are on tight budgets or wish to have more control over the tooth whitening process, home tooth whitening products are available and in most cases are just as effective. It’s all a matter of tooth whitening cost and flexibility. The following is a review of tooth whitening products, their processes, and the necessary tooth whitening cost for each method. Counting The Tooth Whitening Cost – Professional Laser treatment Laser treatment is a fairly quick procedure that involves two things. First, a translucent tooth whitening gel is carefully applied to your teeth. A laser light is then used to activate the crystals in the gel to absorb heat from the light and heighten the whitening process. How long the treatment lasts depends on how badly discolored your teeth are. Laser treatment is effective and immediate. The cost for laser tooth whitening depends on where you live but typically comes in at around $1000.

Counting The Tooth Whitening Cost – In-Office Bleaching Bleaching methods employed by dentists generate a similar result to laser treatment in that the effects are immediate. Instead of using a laser light to expedite the process, however, dentists will rely solely on a peroxide-based bleaching solution to do the whitening work. While there is no question that solutions like carbamide peroxide work there is something to be said about the instant whitening effect – it might not be as significant as you think. Sometimes teeth can become dehydrated during the bleaching process and are temporarily lightened as a natural result. Once they come into contact with saliva again, they become re-hydrated and the lightening effect wears off. This is why some dentists require patients to follow up their in-office treatment with a home-based whitener.Treatment sessions vary, depending on how discolored your teeth are. It may take between 2-6 visits to your dentist to acquire decent results. A tooth whitening cost can range from between $600-$2000 per treatment (not including any extra at-home whiteners).

Counting The Tooth Whitening Cost – ZOOM And Other Home-Based Whitening Trays. A tooth whitening tray makes for a popular home-based tooth whitening tool. It works by being filled with a special bleaching solution (which varies with each brand) then placed over one’s set of teeth, either overnight or during the day. So there you have it, the most popular whitening methods and their costs. For a closing tooth whitening tip it’s worth remembering that there really is no “best tooth whitening product” – many of them are equally effective. And as previously mentioned, a lot of the time it’s all about what best suits your budget. Simply weigh the professional tooth whitening cost with the tooth whitening cost if you pursue a home-based method and let your pockets decide for you.

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