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Crowns, Implants and Bridges in Cosmetic Dentistry

All are designed to improve the appearance of your smile. If you wish to check a Cosmetic Dentist Durango CO’s credentials, consider contacting the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It is often used to repair damage also. Temporary veneers are installed while permanent ones are being crafted. This takes approximately two weeks at which time the veneers will be permanently attached. The procedure usually takes around two hours and can run thousands of dollars.

Resin or composite fillings can also significantly improve the appearance of your teeth. This type of work is used to fill small cavities or chips in front teeth. It can also be used to fill cavities in the back teeth for a better appearance. These are not as strong as porcelain veneers and can discolor over time. In addition, they are not as attractive as porcelain veneers and require repair every few years. If you wish to save both time and money, this may be the procedure for you. Tooth shaping is another procedure frequently performed by a Cosmetic Dentist Durango CO. Long teeth can be shortened and pointed teeth can be rounded off. This creates a more pleasing smile. After tooth shaping, you may experience slight sensitivity. Your dentist can help with this.

Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements. This is used to compensate for tooth loss and will make you look younger. The method may be used for one tooth or a number of teeth. Your doctor will determine if this is better for you or if dentures will suffice.

This uses peroxide-based materials to whiten your teeth. You can do this at home or in the office. All cavities must be filled and your gums must be healthy before you begin. Whitening can take any length of time, possibly up to six weeks. Through this procedure, your teeth may be twelve to fifteen shades whiter.

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