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Dan Kuschell Org Everyone has the potential for success hidden inside them. Some can go a lifetime without ever realizing their true potential. Most people, after a few failures, believe that success is meant for other people and are content to lead an average life, in constant struggle. Success to one person may mean something else to another person. There are those who strive to get to the top of their field and that is what success means to them, while for others. Having a loving relationship or family life is their definition of success. There are so many variables that go into what success means. But the real definition is that which makes you happy, fulfilled and free. Dan Kuschell is the master at helping individuals realize what they want out of life and that they have the potential to achieve it. He shows people how to reach for what they want, no matter how high. Learning how to harness your owns strengths to open the doors that you need to enter, is more valuable than anything you will ever learn. Dan Kuschell, with is books, seminars and teachings, breaks down the simple steps to attracting what you want in life.

Whether it is money, love, health or material possessions, it can be yours. But what he really shows us is that what we think we want is not always what will make us most fulfilled. A rich man with lots of wealth can be very lonely without someone to share it with, or woman who has married her Prince Charming but doesn’t have her health cannot really enjoy it. What about someone who is with the person of their dreams, but their relationship is suffering due to the constant stress of not having enough money for the basics. All of these people got what they thought they wanted, but without wealth on all levels of life, the very thing you wish for can have no meaning. Dan teaches the strategies that can bring fulfillment in your mental state, emotional well being, spirituality and finances. All these things combined bring complete prosperity. It is not about wealth in concrete terms of cold hard cash. Quality of life is just as important as wealth. Achieving prosperity in all areas of life has a domino effect. By improving one area, you bring energy to another, and then another and then another.

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