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Deciding Upon the Best Treatment for Menopause

At some point during every woman’s “change of life” she will wish that there was a magic pill that she could take to make all of her menopause symptoms go away. This magic pill of course does not exist but there are alternatives. It has taken more than 30 years for science to develop many ways to alleviate the pain and stress of menopause. Homeopathic solutions to menopausal symptoms have been known to help decrease the pain and stress of the change. Many of the options for menopause symptom treatment are quite simple.

Thirty minutes of moderate exercise are needed every day. Even if you don’t want to believe it, menopause can be treated with regular exercise. Aerobic exercise is also a great fighter against aging diseases like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Not only does exercise help better your mood, it helps you sleep better as well! It is quite hard to give in to the symptoms of menopause when you are in a good mood! Stress relief is another benefit of regular exercise!

You have already likely heard from your doctor his opinion on beginning hormone therapy during menopause to help alleviate symptoms. Hormone therapy varies from woman to woman depending on the type and severity of the symptoms she is experiencing. Many doctors will tell you that hormone replacement therapy is the most viable. Many physcians will recommend a low does estrogen based birth control pill for hormone replacement therapy during menopause. Your symptoms will dictate the specific dosage you are prescribed. Do not share medications that have not been prescribed for your situation. Before you consider ingesting any medication it is best to discuss it with a physcian.

Sleeping for extended periods is good for you during this time. Do the best you can to get at the very least 8 hours per night of good sleep. Your ability to cope with decreased energy and mood swings will be greatly influenced by the amount of sleep you get at night. Cut the caffeine from your diet and exercise regularly to help increase your ability to sleep through the night. If your main symptom is restlessness during sleep cutting out the caffeine and exercising regularly will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. How easy is it to overlook such a simple treatment as sleep? Should you talk to your doctor about starting an exercise routine during menopause? YES! Alot of the signs of menopause can be treated without the aid of pharmaceuticals. Other people find that they need help through drug and hormone therapy. No two women are the same. This facts makes it necessary to meet with your doctor to discuss all of your options. Never try to go it alone. Help is available to you; you just have to ask for it!

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