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Dental Problems Worldwide and its Solutions

What will you do if you have to shell out thousands of dollars every year on dental procedures, check ups, treatment, and consultation for yourself and your family?  Yes you surely want to…right? Well there is never a case when people do not want to save money especially in these recession times. But first, you should know the overall scenario and the actual benefits a plan offers.


In October 2008, The University of South Carolina released a study related to the dental problems, ailments, and natural obstacles faced by American children. The study also covered all the aspects of the current level of dental treatment provided to these children. The results were astonishing as 25 percent of children in US were estimated to not receive dental care last year. Imagine, sucha plight in a developed country like USA. The study also showed that African-American and Hispanic children were the worst losers with regards to dental coverage which is an alarming statistic in itself.


“Children are the first sacrificial lambs to neglect due to the high cost of dental procedures. It is a tragedy that such a high number of children go without dental insurance or any other dental coverage.”


The reality is that there are standard types of dental plans available for consumers to choose from and save on dental health. But many people are unaware of such plans and do not know if they can save on their dental expenses or not. Many people make the mistake of thinking that getting their teeth fixed is easy. Many resort to the traditional medium of dental insurance to solve their problems. They think that one just has to go and see an insurance agent, offline or online, and buy dental insurance. But, just like any other type of insurance, dental insurance does not cover any pre-existing condition and that is really bad.


It has been seen repeatedly that dental insurance plans have limitations on the number of dental visits, radiographs (X-rays) and treatments that are covered, and other services like cosmetic dental procedures may be excluded.


The percentage of Americans with untreated cavities began rising this decade, reversing a half-century trend of improvement in dental health.


In 2006, a study revealed that Arkansas children have the worst teeth in the USA, closely followed by California. According to the new study, over 70% of third graders in California suffer or have suffered from tooth decay. Hispanics and children from poorer families have the highest levels of tooth decay.

The study carried out by The Dental Health Foundation and officials said the problem is very closely linked to low income and ethnicity. They said that even though tooth decay was lower among children from higher income families, even there it was much higher than expected.


Tooth decay has been cited by both the reports as the single most common chronic childhood malady. Hence it is important for various agencies to support the cause and stress on the need for children to have good dental coverage during this developmental period in their lives. Due to negligence many children had to suffer from several oral health infections. Lack of dental services and treatment can also lead children to lack of self-esteem, depression, and constant interference with their routine activities.

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