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Did you know? by Kieron McFadden

That 17 MILLION children worldwide are now on highly addictive, mind altering psychiatric drugs. The global drugs epidemic took off like a rocket in the early 1960s in the United States when the government was duped into supporting the  psychiatric drugging of children.

That More than 100,000 people die every year in psychiatric institutions.This is an annual death toll MANY TIMES the death toll from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

Up to 10,000 people are killed every year by psychiatrists with electroschock. Electroshock is the process of searing the delicate tissues of the brain by passing electricity through it. It has a therapeutic effect similar to whacking one’s head with a baseball bat. It is quite rightly outlawed in many countries as it is a crude brutality without scientific merit that has no place in a modern society. In some countries however it remains legal and a source of easy revenue for psychiatrists.

That more than 250,000 people have been sexually abused by psychiatrists and psychologists. It is my understanding that psychiatry’s record in this regard is by far the worst of any profession – a rather poor show from the profession that purports to have solutions to problems of human behaviour.

That approximately 100,000 Americans have died from “antipsychotic” psychiatric drugs. Again, this compares dismally with the death toll of many major wars.

That every 75 SECONDS another innocent citizen is incarcerated by psychiatry. In many countries – including YOURS, dear reader – a citizen can be locked up without trial and without the presentation of evidence. All that is required is the OPINION of a psychiatrist that the person should be incarcerated. No evidence or diagnostic criteria are required.

This delivers an arbitrary power of arrest and imprisonment into the hands of psychiatrists, a profession with a dreadful record for maltreatment and abuse of patients, fraud and suicide, not to mention wholesale case failures. No citizen is safe while a vested interest group has such arbitrary power to the exclusion of an impartial judiciary to which such power should rightfully and safely be entrusted. and incarceration can occur without  the process of a fair trial, or indeed ANY trial!

That children as young as 6 years old have been killed by psychiatric restraints.In such cases any person other than a psychaitrist would have been charged with child abuse and manslaughter at the very least.

That deaths from just one psychiatric drug abuse treatment increased 710% in one 10-year period.

That thousands have been killed by terrorists under the influence of psychiatric drugs or mind control techniques. The psychiatric link to terrorism is now well documented. You can contact the Citizens Commission on Human Rights for more details.

That violent crime has increased 147% with psychiatry in the justice system.

That up to $47 billion has been spent on failed community mental health programs in the United States. Psychiatry’s results are so glaringly poor in this regard it beggars belief that  government nevertheless persists in tossing truck-loads of our money in its direction.

That up to $40 billion is defrauded each year in the United States by the mental health industry.

That antidepressant sales worldwide are alone more than $20 BILLION.

Well, that explains as lot…….


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