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Discus Fish Care Tips And Secrets

Much to the surprise of many tropic fish owners, discus fish care has revealed special features specific to this breed that makes it stand apart. Therefore, when you design your aquarium make sure you plan the discus fish care area properly. They make great friends and pets; as you will find out, discus fish respond to you and have a social and bonding behavior unparalleled by other breed. When you make discus fish care a hobby, you’ll see they react in the most pleasant of ways, watching you moving around the room or even eating out of your hand. No wonder people love them.

Considered the pride of any fish breeder, discus fish and their care raise a few issues, though not to complex I dare say. When you plan your aquarium it is really important to set up its purpose: is it going to be a family show tank or can the discus fish use it for breeding? Discus fish care is not painstaking at all; on the contrary, it brings immense satisfaction. For instance the family habits you notice during discus fish care moments will stress out the active role the male discus takes in the raising of their fry.

Keep in mind the fact that these fish are extremely clean and they like pure water all the time. Therefore, a special part of the discus fish care should focus on keeping a close watch on water recycling, temperature and the oxygen level. In order to avoid various diseases due to improper discus fish care make sure all the living parameters are within the normal values. For instance, good discus fish care means the water is at a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius at the maximum; if it gets warmer the level of oxygen drops and you’ll be confronted to oxygen starvation.

Another aspect of discus fish care is the establishing of colonies of nitrifying bacteria in the filter. This is essential since no discus fish care measures allow you to put the fish in a tank without these bacteria. They are responsible for keeping the ammonia and the nitrites under control by consuming the fish waste as food. Therefore, you may choose several nitrification methods in the process of discus fish care, the most important being the type of filter you decide to use. Plants also contribute to reducing the amount of toxic substances in the water, but you will still have to change it on a regular basis.

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