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Discus Fish Care

Whoever wants to breed exotic fish needs special information on Discus Fish care, since discus fish are generally considered very sensitive creatures. A large part of Discus Fish care should focus on creating the most proper living environment in a well proportionate water tank. Discus fish love deep water, so make sure the aquarium you are going to use is proper for the discus group you want to colonize. In general terms Discus Fish care presents no out of common issues; all the breeder needs is to preserve the correct water parameters necessary for healthy living conditions. Otherwise, things should go smoothly.

For instance an important element in Discus Fish care is the weekly water change; however, since the discus doesn’t like changes, only 25% of the tank volume should be freshened. Moreover, for special Discus Fish care tries to use a filter that eliminates the heavy metals and the chlorine without altering the water pH. Keep in mind that a larger water volume is easier to preserve stable as compared to a small tank for instance; therefore, Discus Fish care should include this aspect too. In case you feed the discus fish on beef-heart, make sure that you clean all the leftovers as these will ruin the water.

In case you’re having a separate tank with fry, special Discus Fish care is required here. The reasons are simple, you feed them more and the water quality lowers, therefore in the case of baby discus you need to change at least 30% of the water in the tank three times a week. Through Discus Fish care, uneaten food and waste are eliminated, not to mention that the more simple you keep the aquarium the higher the water quality. If you use lots of plants and decorations, there will be more Discus Fish care issues since they collect lots of dirt underneath. Consequently, avoid using them in baby discus or breeding tanks.

For special tips on Discus Fish care, have a look at a site such as . Special attention should be paid to situations that involved increased Discus Fish care measures. I’m talking about the breeding period or in case there is some kind of disease that is affecting your fish. Should you notice any unusual changes, find some extra support and solutions besides the regular Discus Fish care. The vet or some professional breeder may assist you in some crisis situation involving discus health care, particularly since things may have gone out of control.

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