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Discus Fish Health

Discus fish health is a highly debated issue on Internet forums, on chats and in special magazines. The problems appear due to the failure cases that many owners face because they don’t know how to preserve their discus fish health. The coordinates for perfect discus fish health are very simple and easy to follow: keep them clean, well-fed and loved and everything should work great. Don’t make the mistake of combining discus with all sorts of other species as they may not be compatible. The results of an unfortunate co-inhabitance may have severe effects on discus fish health as well as on that of the rest of your aquatic pets.

Discus fish health is just fine if you place them with fish smaller than themselves, on condition that these are not catfish with sucker mouths. This species is dangerous for the discus fish health as they attach to their scales producing severe tissue injuries. Some of the environmental discus fish health problems are sometimes solved by simply adding some medicine in the water, but this happens in the most fortunate of cases. This is why it is so important to prevent rather than to cure. In order to learn about the discus fish health risks you can have a look at.

Discus health fish very much depends on nutrition; feed your discus enough protein and they will have all the energy necessary. Furthermore, amino acids are also highly important, and they come from the meat you feed your discus. The only discus fish health problem that may arise here comes from over-feeding that may lead to water deterioration and the lowering of the standards in the living conditions. Your discus fish health should be well protected if you have a very powerful biological filter in the aquarium and you perform regular water changes.

The most adequate method for water filtration and therefore preservation of discus fish health is by reverse osmosis. This is possible with the help of the semi-permeable membrane inside the filter that allows only water molecules to pass through it. It removes minerals, trace and any other substance, producing pure water that is so necessary for your discus fish health. A few minerals should be however added in the water to actually recreate the discus fish health-friendly environment. Keep a watchful eye on everything that goes on in your small ecosystem as you’re in charge

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