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Do You Know That The Key To Success Is Hidden In You?

A lot of people want to be successful. Who those not want it? Even I want it too. Most have often cringed and wished that they be successful as Bill Gates, Henry Ford and a host of others.

Well the secret is easy and not so technical as people think even a no- brainer does it. Each and every one of us has tapped into this power without us knowing.

As kids, we experimented with this power a lot. When you wanted a toy or gift, all we had to do is imagine it and then keep asking our parents to get it for us or try as much as possible most times do everything possible to get it.

Haven’t got it yet? The secret to success is Passion or what most people call love. One thing extraordinary about passion or love is that it has the ability to extract power from within which makes one to overcome fear and limitation.

When you want something and desire it from the bottom of your heart that’s when you will discover true power that you never were aware of. In whatever chosen field of interest, you must have passion for it or it will frustrate you.

Henry Ford was a man of passion. It was his passion that made him successful in the automobile business, he really democratized the automobile.

Andrew Carngie was a man that understood the power of passion. He used this power to excel in his generation. So great a man was he that he inspired others and even supported a book written by Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich” where passion is listed as the no 1 principle to sucess

Just think how you can use this power to shape your lives and make those whom you love happy.


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ikechi Awazie is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. His ambition is to help people to make people achievers. If you’re looking for a SUCCESSFUL online business or a way to make some extra money on the Internet check out

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