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Do You Want to Be a Housewife or a Business Woman?

Housewife means there is no work and no need to earn money, only responsible for the daily life of their family. Though it seems that it can reduce the annoyance from working, there still many things should be taken care by them. They act as a good mom, a caring wife. Every day they should make delicious foods and clean house for the family.

Those people who belong to the housewife maybe think it is very harmonious. What do you think When their husbands come back home after a day working and their children go home after leaving school, and their wife and mom have already made a delicious foods on the desk and then they eat it together? Yes, I think it is the happiest moment for you and me.

Of cause, there are some different opinions on housewife. They hold that housewives are usually the rich men’s wives who have the strong economic base. So lots of women choose the business women. And the reasons can account for some aspects.

First, as a housewife cannot gain the protection from our society, and it means that they are unable to participate in the health care community and other security system.

Second, if you are a housewife, your life will be not colorful. Housewife rarely contact with others and there is less entertainment suppliers for them. Every day they should care for family, and when their children grow up, may be they will feel no aim and so on.

Third, maybe they will lose the ability of living for themselves. They cannot follow the development of the society and don’t want to study the new knowledge. So it will be lead them to lose their survival capability.

Forth, housewife sometimes will lose the favor from her husband. Because they always like nurse and deal with complex matters at home and sometimes will be wordy. The men who usually access to variety of excellent people include excellent women will compare them with his wife. Then some of them will change their mind. Of cause, most of them are good.

Now we are in the 21 century, and lots of women don’t want to be a housewife any more, they also have a great aim in their heart. But every coin has two sides, being business women also have many disadvantages. Such as they cannot take care of their children, and many children are going wrong way for lacking parents’ love and so on.

So what do you think about being a housewife or business women?

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