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Dog Health Food

How many dog owners know something about dog health food when they buy their pets? If they don’t get informed about dog’s nutritional needs, they are very likely to be confronted to all sorts of health problems that result from the improper food they feed their animals on. There are special dog health food tips that a vet can tell you about, since you may not know very much about the digestive needs of your pet. First of all, in order to meet the requirements for dog health food, you have to be sure there are minerals, calcium in particular and quality protein in the diet.

As it is very comfortable, we usually feed our four-legged friends on special dog meals, but this is not always dog health food. It is usually prepared by blending hemoglobin powder, with bones and meat, all processed at very high temperatures. Then, there are flavors and vitamins added, and this is the dog health food we find in the supermarket. For all dog owners I need to say that this is not great at all for your pet. Try to combine processed meals with dog health food you prepare at home.

What should real dog health food be like? First of all, have fresh meat and boil it for around ten minutes. Thus, you destroy the unfriendly bacteria while also preserving all the nutrients intact. Then, cut it into small pieces, it may seem natural that your dog should tear it alone, but you don’t want any mess around the house. For the calcium in dog health food, you may use a natural supplement such as ground egg shells or calcium powder available in drug stores. Try to mix the pieces of meat with a little water for a better hydration of your pet.

As for bones, I know all dogs like them, but research shows they don’t make the best dog health food at all; on the contrary there may be side effects and even ailments. Thus, never feed your dog chicken or pig bones. The only ones that are fully digested and make real dog health food are the leftovers from your cooking veal for instance. Another tip many people don’t know is that for dog health food, not only proteins are necessary, vitamins are also important. A little grated carrot added together will pass unnoticed but it’ll be of great help for the pet’s well-being.

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