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Dog Health Problems

Any living organism is sooner or later exposed to all sorts of dysfunctional conditions, and dogs are no exception. It is true that there are plenty of dog health problems that we prevent by regular vaccination, but what can we do about the rest of the affections that may take us and our animals unawares. Let’s take for instance vomiting and diarrhea, these are the most common and frequent dog health problems. Their causes are usually very simple since no complications result from such minor dog health problems that are mainly triggered by improper nutrition.

If under routine treatment vomiting and diarrhea don’t disappear within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, it could mean there are serious dog health problems at stake and an immediate thorough examination is a must. Should this be the case, such a dog health problem is no longer the subject of home treatment, but a real medical emergency. The first thing to be done when experiencing similar dog health problems is to eliminate food and water. If you’re dog is thirsty give it some milk or an ice cube to lick several times.

Very often the recovery from a dog health problem is in the hands of the owner. The same as the cases presented above is constipation, another frequent dog health problem. It can appear as a result of deficient nutrition and inconsistent bowel movement. Don’t leave it untreated, as it may lead to self-intoxication or even worse dog health problems. Eliminate water and meat from the dog’s diet and feed it on meat broth for instance or baby food; a mixture of milk and cereal may also be of help. Return to a normal diet can only be resumed within a few days after normal stool is recovered.

In order to avoid dog health problems and diseases that could even be transmitted to man, you have to take the pet for regular checks at the veterinarian. If the animal is kept in a proper physical shape, well-fed and full of vigor, the owner has nothing to worry about dog health problems. Regular vaccination also keeps trouble away and allows you to cherish the presence of your pet without the fear that the dog health problem may pass on to you or very sensible members of the family such as children. Hygiene and perfect cleanness of the place where the dog lives or eats are the best method to keep trouble away. Download Your Free Report

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