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Dr. James Stowitts Share Information About Dental Care

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Here are some less known teeth facts about the tools we use almost all the time – when we eat, speak, and smile. Therefore, it is extremely important to preserve their health.

Teeth facts: Sour is as harmful as sweet

Sugar is not the only enemy of teeth. Sour foods with low pH, sweet delights, fizzy drinks, and fruit juices make teeth softer, leading to corrosion of the enamel. The size of teeth is also reduced. Research by American scientists has proven that citric acid is extremely harmful for teeth.

The worst nightmare of children’s teeth is foods high in sour and sugar content which tend to stick to the teeth surface. They melt the tooth like an ice cube left at a room temperature. Apart from that, children’s teeth are not fully formed as enamel becomes hard enough ten years after the tooth has grown. During childhood, enamel is softer and therefore, more susceptible to the harmful impact of acids. Adults who consume a considerable amount of acid foods also pose threat to their teeth.

If you are determined to have something sour, however, consume with the main meal to reduce the harmful effect. It will be best to chew a gum that contains xilitol afterwards, as it helps prevent formation of caries.
Teeth facts: Large quantities of fluoride are harmful for the teeth

It is a fact that fluoride is important for the maintenance of healthy teeth. But even children aged 8 years and younger can develop fluorosis if they consume excessive amounts of fluoride. Fluorosis typically begins with the formation of white stains on the teeth surface which turn brownish with time. Unfortunately, these stains are intrinsic which means that whitening procedures at the dentist’s office won’t have the desired effect. Dr James Stowitts

Large amounts of fluoride make the teeth brittle. This problem most often occurs when children swallow toothpaste.t is recommended to watch your child while brushing her or his teeth, making sure that she or he does not swallow paste. Tell your child that a tiny amount of toothpaste should be squeezed out. American experts even recommend purchasing only toothpaste that does not contain fluoride for your children.

Finally, brackets can result in the formation of caries. If you have brackets, you have to put extra efforts in brushing your teeth because there is a higher chance that food gets stuck around the metal structures. Acidity and the number of bacteria inside the mouth cavity are also higher.If oral hygiene is poor, bacteria start forming caries. Demineralization occurs before caries is formed. The result is white stains on the teeth which are a first step to the formation of caries.

With brackets, another reason to brush your teeth more often is to limit the movements of the tongue which often works as a natural toothbrush. At a result, coating may form on the teeth, which is difficult to remove.Teeth facts: Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but it’s brittle.Ice, popcorn, and piercing in the mouth cavity can chip off a part of a tooth.Stomatologists recommend avoiding the consumption of popcorn and ice-cold products, especially if you feel that your teeth are not as strong as they were years ago. Popcorn and ice are as hard on the teeth as stone and you have to be careful when you consume such foods.Metal objects in the mouth are depots for bacteria that can destroy enamel.

Research published in the prestigious „American Journal of Dentistry” has proven that between 14 and 41 percent of the people with oral piercing have chipped off and worn out teeth. Among the more serious complications are deformations of the mouth cavity and loss of teeth.You might have a missing tooth, regardless of the age group you belong to. Although most people have 32 teeth, some are born with missing ones. Molars are among the teeth that may not grow. Other missing teeth may be the lateral incisors which are found next to the front teeth. Missing teeth may be inherited as well. Despite that, the most common reasons for tooth loss are gum diseases and caries.

With these teeth facts in mind, remember that the health of your teeth is most important and contributes to their shiny appearance.

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