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Education Through Illustration in Medical Advertising

Education through Illustration in Medical Advertising Means Increased Revenues

“We are starting to hear bright spots in the economy and that a recovery is eminent. If your business is like ours, you want to take action today when the right solution is presented.” – Jim Banahan

For over 20 years, we have consulted with experts in the fields of cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic, and oncologic centers of excellence, assembling the top ten ideas for health care providers who desire an increase in patient volume and revenues. We strive to increase patient volume, revenues, awareness, and preference for your products and services. Designed by our team of experts in strategic planning, marketing, advertisings, and public/community relations professionals, our campaigns have proven to increase patient volume and revenues.

Why are we so confident? Three words…education illustration medical. Banahan Communications pioneered the use of medical illustrations and descriptive copy, and are constantly developing innovative new methods, driving patient volume and providing education for urban as well as rural communities. More importantly, our efforts consistently position our clients as the authority in their respective service areas.

Our confidence comes from these three words… education illustration medical. Pioneering the way in patient education for urban as well as rural communities, our implementation of descriptive and medical illustrations has proven to increase patient volume and revenues. Our experts continuously expand groundbreaking techniques thereby driving patient volumes and educating the community. Of even more significance, our diligence has consistently positioned our clients as experts in their respective service areas.

Beyond the desire for revenues is our commitment to heal and educate the community. The use of illustration medical advertising breaks cultural, educational, and even language barriers allowing the patient to understand and therefore take a proactive, productive, role in their own treatment. Through education, our services enhance communication with patients, thereby alleviating their fears and allowing them to take a positive and optimistic approach in their own treatment. A healthy communication with your clients is quite often of more importance to them than their actual treatment. Regardless of the outcome of their medical treatment, a patient, will remember and recommend a trusted expert that takes the time to communicate and explain the processes of the treatments, enhanced by medically illustrated education, you will be providing education in a cohesive, plain and effective way.

In the area of heart disease for example, available in all languages, medically illustrated education directed towards prevention through education is crucial if you wish to reduce the risk of illness for your employees and patients. Additionally, medically illustrated educational advertisements support your organization’s position as an authority, singling you out as the expert and leader in the community.

Banahan Communications acclaimed medical marketing team of experts and professionals experts at increasing patient volumes and achieving revenues goals. Utilize their 36 years of health care consulting experience to facilitate improved communication within your organization and community, increasing patient confidence, and promoting better health care. You will not only remain the expert in your community but will lead the way in patient communication and promote better health throughout your area. We are confident Banahan Communications range of illustration medical advertising, will not only assist you in obtaining your increasing volumes goals, but also surpass your expectations thereby demonstrating the value of our association for your future marketing needs.

Syndicated Medical Advertising is an efficient, proven way to educate both current and prospective patients about your product lines and/or services. Offered in many languages, cost effectie campaigns are available for cardiology, orthopedics and oncology. Customized effective syndicated campaigns, designed to fit your specific specialties, specific market regions, and demographics, both promote and position your organization as positive community leaders in education and awareness and have proven to be an effective way to increase patient volume and revenues.

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