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Effective Methods of Successfully Treating Panic Attacks

Panic attack is a mental disease that could lead to other complications and more serious problems such as chronic depression, general anxiety disorder, and phobias. It can interfere with your normal daily activities and greatly affects your quality of life. The good thing is, this mental disease can be treated and many sufferers have experienced complete recovery; totally eliminating panic attack by submitting themselves to proper treatment and medications.

There are several methods of treating panic attacks and the following are the most effective ways of overcoming them and live a normal and happy life.

The most quickest and effective method of treatment for panic attack is the use of medication such as anti-depressants. Generally, people suffering from panic attacks are usually prescribed with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) like Zoloft; Prozac is also prescribed for depression related to panic attacks. Other medications include Valium and Xanax for fast relief of symptoms and short term use. Under any circumstances, never use any medication without proper prescriptions from your attending physicians.

The next generally used and effective method of treatment is psychotherapy. Cognitive behaviour therapy is commonly performed and conducted by psychologists or psychiatrists; they guide patients in uncovering what triggers panic attacks and teach them how to deal with it. Part of this therapy is deep breathing and relaxation techniques that help patients in easing the symptoms when panic attack occurs. However, most psychologists recommend cognitive behavioural therapy in combination with medication in order to achieve successful treatment.

In today’s world, a lot of new techniques and methods are being developed to completely treat panic attacks; and the most popular and effective innovation to treat this mental disorder is the Linden Method. This is a drug-free method of treating panic attacks and highly recommended and used by many psychologists. Another new method is Panic Away system which has high success rate in completely eliminating panic attacks without the use of medications. Although these methods may take some time to fully realize its effects, but they are really great and effective long-term treatment in overcoming panic attacks.

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