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Five Steps For Better Hair Care

Taking proper care of the hair is very much important for having a better look. Neglecting even a single part of the hair care regimen can lead you to the serious problem of a series of bad hair days. No matter whatever type or texture your hair has and whatever may be its length there are always some common still essential steps that are to be followed for the better growth and the health of the hair. Here follows some steps that should be followed for the better growth and the health of the hair.

1.Providing better nutrition to the hair: Our hair is always in the need of the proper supply of vitamins. The health and growth of the hair greatly depends on the supply of the nutrition that we supply to it. Though our hair is mostly made of proteins still there remains the need of other nutrition other than proteins. Vitamins are much essential for the hair especially vitamin B complex. Besides that vitamins A, C, E are also much important for the hair. For providing the proper nutrition to the hair the is also the need of proper supply of Biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and minerals like iron, zinc and silica. Other than that flax seed oil, black current seed oil, kelp, etc. are also good for the hair.

2.Scalp care: Besides providing nutrition to the hair there is also an essential need for taking proper care for the scalp. The scalp has a large part to play in the health of the hair. The root of the hair gets its food supply from the scalp. Therefore it becomes much essential that we take proper care of the scalp. If anyhow the scalp gets damaged the hair is surely to be the sufferer. For better caring of the scalp lets have some more tips.

a. Keep your scalp clean. Which means never let the dust and dirt particles to stay on the scalp. They form a layer on the scalp and hamper the proper circulation of the scalp.
b. Shampoo on every alternate days to keep your scalp clean and tidy.
c. Do not let your scalp get dried up.
d. Avoid using hair dryers as much as possible as they makes the scalp dry.
e. Exfoliate the scalp with a gentle scrub at least twice per week.
f. Massage the scalp regularly. Massaging the scalp helps in proper blood circulation in the scalp promotes hair growth and luster and also sooths the nerves and relaxes the muscles.

3.Shampooing and conditioning: Along with supplying proper nutrition to the hair there is also the need for proper shampooing and conditioning of the hair. Shampooing on every alternate day is essential for keeping the hair clean and tidy. But shampooing often makes the hair dry. Therefore after each shampoo there is a need of proper conditioning of the hair, which will supply moisture to the hair and making it smooth and silky. Conditioning the hair also helps the hair from outside damage.

4.Proper trimming: For the better growth and the healthy look of the hair proper and timely trimming is very much important. If this is not done in time you will have split ends and the hair would look dull and loose its shine.

5.Some other tips: Here follows some extra tips that will help your hair look good and you can avoid hair damage.

a. To prevent damages from tossing and turning try to sleep on a satin pillowcase.
b. Use a boar brush to avoid damage from brushing.
c. Avoid plastic comb and use a wooden one instead.
d. Stay away from hair accessories with metal in them.
e. Use a protein treatment once a week if your hair gets damaged.

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