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Getting a Gorgeous Smile with Professional Chula Vista Dentist

Many people wonder whether or not they should seek a dentist’s help when whitening one’s teeth. There are many pros and cons to whitening one’s teeth by one’s self. This article will discuss the types of teeth whitening that are available for at-home use as well as the procedures a dentist can use to whiten one’s teeth.

1. Tray Sets
Many pharmacies sell simple tray sets that can be placed over one’s teeth to whiten teeth. These tray sets typically involve placing gel into the tray sets and then placing the trays over one’s teeth for a certain period of time. Usually a person needs to keep the tray sets on one’s teeth for about 30 minutes before removing the sets. This can be an affordable way to whiten teeth, however many people find that the white color eventually fades after a couple of weeks. This type of treatment can also be harmful for people that have sensitive teeth.

2. Gel Strips
Whitening gel strips have become a popular way of whitening teeth. In California, many aspiring actresses and actors use whitening gel strips as a quick way to whiten teeth before auditions. However, this type of teeth whitening also does not last for long. Visiting a dentist, perhaps a Chula Vista dentist, would be a better way to get lasting effects while whitening teeth.

3. Laser Whitening
Laser whitening is becoming the whitening form of choice for many people. This professional service can only be administered by a dentist. If you live in California, then be sure to visit a Chula Vista dentist for the latest procedures in laser whitening for teeth. Laser whitening often lasts much longer than other forms of whitening. Many people choose this type of whitening as opposed to constantly investing time and money with at-home kits that do not work very well. Teeth look bright, clean, and youthful with laser whitening procedures. This is also a very safe way of whitening teeth without the risk of discoloration.

Whitening teeth can be easy with the aid of a dentist, such as a Chula Vista dentist. Professional dentists are equipped to whiten your teeth in a way that is painless and gets you the best results for your money. Rather than wasting money on at home whitening treatments that will only last a couple weeks, why not invest in whitening one’s teeth for an entire lifetime?

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