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Hair Care – The Top 10 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes

Having been absolutely passionate about hair for almost 30 years, I have seen an immense amount of change. Techniques have improved, fashions have evolved and hair care products have improved. In the salons our tools always consisted of scissors and comb, but nowadays the young hairdressers, consider the palette of products to be as important as their scissors and comb and hairdryer for sure. You need volume?

Then this product is for you, you need shine? Then its this one… You like a smooth glossy feel, then use this or if you like dry texture, then this is your thing. Its actually a lot harder for young hairdresser as they have to much more knowledgeable to be able to give clients the best advice possible. However good your salon and stylist are, you still need to do your bit to keep your hair in top condition and avoid the common mistakes that can lead to problems. Based on all my experience, here are my top 10 biggest hair care mistakes:

1. Not regularly trimming hair because you are trying to grow it

2. Not using conditioner because you think it will make hair greasy

3. Using the wrong shampoo for your hair type

4. Not emulsifying shampoo before rinsing, ( makes hair dull and lifeless – see our how to cleanse hair video)

5. When colouring: not understanding the effects of the undercoat’ colour

6. When colouring at home; not just matching the roots, but continually colouring ALL the hair

7. Brushing long hair from the roots first

8. Not using sun protection for the hair whilst swimming in highly chlorinated water, sea water, or just spending a lot of time in direct sunlight

9. Using the wrong type of styling products to try and achieve certain styles

10. Using very hot water for rinsing out shampoo / conditioner “(this often aggravates the scalp” again see our essential cleanse dvd ) You can get more hair care advice and our professional salon tips on which hair care products to use and how to get the best from them at

About Author is a great source for hair care and hair styling advice and tips as well as information on salon hair care products. Sean Hanna is the founder and owner of the Sean Hanna chain of hairdressing salons and is in demand world-wide for inspirational hair styling and hair c

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