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Health Benefits of Holy Basil or Tulsi, Sore Throat Remedies

This article tells you about the benefits of tulsi. It is also well known as the holy basil. This herb is very common and important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition. In India people use to worship tulsi in the morning and evening. It is found in almost every Indian home. It is a small plant and has green leaves. Tulsi is used as herbal remedy for lots of common health problems. The tulsi plant is the multipurpose plant.

Every part of the tulsi plant is used for medicinal purposes. This herbal plant is very beneficial for curing many health problems. The leaves of tulsi plant are very effective or useful for nervous system and also help to sharpen the memory. Tulsi also deals with the stomach infections also and strengthen the stomach. The leaves of the holy basil are also helps in curing fever and cold. This herb is also very useful in dealing with malaria and dengue fever. Tulsi is very useful in aiding from cough, relieves cold and flu, sore throat, respiratory disorder, kidney stones, heart diseases, children ailments, stress, mouth infections, insect bites, skin disorder, teeth disorder, headache and eye disorder. This is an herb which is very effective to deal with almost all health infections. It is the best herbal remedy for malarial fever.

Tulsi is also known as the healing balm for the body, mind ands spirit. This herb deals with bolsters immunity. Enhances stamina, promotes health, metabolism, provides support during cold season and immuno-modulator. Tulsi is consists of hundreds of effective compounds known as photo-chemicals. These compounds are strong antioxidant, adaptogenic and immuno-modulator. The antioxidant helps to slow down the excess oxidation in the body and also protects the cells. Second is adaptogenic, it helps to reduce the negative impact of the stress which is caused by mental tension, emotional stress, diseases and infections. Thirdly, immuno –modulator, it helps to balances and maintain the strength of the immune system of the body and also fight against the various micro-organisms like bacterial, viruses, allergens and so on. Tulsi is also very beneficial in aiding whooping cough, respiratory tract infections, digestive disorders and cramps.
Sore throat treatment/ cough remedies

Tulsi is the excellent remedy for sore throat and cough. Take tulsi leaves and chew them, it helps you to give relieves from cold and flu. You can also boil the basil leaves and used as gargle. It helps you to relieve from sore throat. Sore throat mainly caused by viruses or bacteria infections, excess consuming of smoking, allergy. Tulsi is the superb it is consumed. You can also make the juice of tulsi leaves and drink it, this will helps you in slow down the fever. Basil leaves are also very useful in diarrhea and vomiting. Healthy person can also chew the 10 or 12 leaves of holy basil. This herb does not have any kind of side effects and can be taken by anyone. It is the best herbal remedy and protects you from foreign infections.

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