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Health, Energy, and Abundance From Imagination

Energy, abundance, and health are within your grasp when you walk in the direction of your dreams. Imagination is the alternative to despair, and it’s the catalysis for the progress being made by individuals in solving today’s global problems. Witness the huge number of grass roots organizations around the world that are making positive changes in people’s lives. Like a healing circle humanity seems to be joining hands to soothe the wounds of a plundered planet. The collective power of people’s imagination has the potential to solve all the problems we face today.

Having the vision to see the path to your dreams is the starting point of imagination. However, unless one makes the effort to believe that a way to a goal exists, it will only be a daydream. When you take that first step doors will open and details will start to appear. Develop a belief in yourself and watch the road to success begin to take shape. To see from the heart is holistic and all inclusive. This is insight from your divine nature. Seeing from this way is to connect with an infinite wealth of resources that makes imagination so powerful.

Fantasy is a production of your ego. That mental construction we call the ego always wants to go it alone. It will base its plans on the senses which are separate from each other. The limited view of the ego will make one need and want all of the credit for reaching a goal. Coming from the ego a fantasy will most often be grandiose.

Moving in the direction of your dreams takes courage. Every person has this tremendous creative power, but few use it. The messages we receive daily from radio and tv are filled with the idea that we are powerless and vulnerable. We are given a picture of a world of poverty, violence, and suffering. Being informed is important, but one can take the news in measured doses like medicine and walk away. People need to see from a different perspective. I don’t mean just thinking “outside the box.” We need to climb out of that “box,” and out of the bunkers we are hiding in to see an alternative world. Over the walls of doubt and fear there is a land beyond our comfort zone where we can find freedom and abundance.

There is an abundance of possibilities that could be created with the wealth of people’s imagination if only we would join together in that effort. There is a world out there rich in the power of love to solve all problems. If we face our fears we can lay our hands on that power. There is a world awaiting that is free of health problems and suffering. This is the world ready to be created from the source of human potential. Can you imagine?

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