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Healthy Food Choices During Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is always imperative that she will take care of her health in a more careful manner than ever. Because pregnancy involves the phase wherein a baby is prepared for its entry into the world in her mother’s womb, it is important for the baby to obtain the proper amount and kind of nutrients that will ensure a healthy and safe delivery.

Eating Right during Pregnancy

There are various factors that a woman can do to ensure that her health and that of the baby is in good state. For some women, a little exercise will help while others have their own routine that are also beneficial for the baby and for the mother, along with providing a hope for a safe delivery. However, one thing that a pregnant woman should not ignore is to make the healthy choices of foods during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the baby is totally dependent on its mother for nutrients. This is why a pregnant woman must bear in mind that what she eats is not only for her own health but for the baby as well. Here, a lot of misinterpretations exist. Some pregnant women insist that just because there are now two of them to feed, it means she has to double her regular food intake. This is entirely wrong. She does not necessarily have to double her food intake. She just need to make sure that the proper dose of the needed nutrients is more than enough. She also needs to make the healthy food choices.

Healthy Foods to Eat during Pregnancy

What are the healthy food choices for pregnant women? There may not be a single list of foods that will be good for all pregnant women. This is because each pregnant woman has her own unique needs. Nonetheless, it is possible to list down foods that will be right for all pregnant women regardless of their state:

Lean meat, fish, eggs, and peanut butter. These are rich in protein and they help regulate the protein concentration in a pregnant woman’s body. Inability to regulate protein content in the body, especially in the urine, may cause preeclampsia, which can have fatal consequences. Protein is also vital for cell growth and blood production. These foods are likewise good sources for iron, which is critical in blood cell production.

Bread, cereals, rice, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. These are rich sources of carbohydrates, which are needed for the body’s energy. Moreover, carbohydrates also help in keeping the body warm.

Milk, cheese, yogurt, and sardines. These are rich in calcium, which is very vital in making sure that bones are strong as well as in maintaining nerve function.

Carrots, sweet potatoes, and leafy green vegetables. These are important for having a healthy skin, for bone growth, and for good eyesight.

Citrus fruit, tomatoes, and fortified fruit juices. These are great sources of vitamin C, which is needed to aid in iron absorption and for healthy gums, bones, and teeth.

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