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Healthy Hair With Better Hair Care Regimen

Talking about hair care, the first thing that comes in the mind is to maintain a routine in which we can give some time to our hair. Our hair plays a vital role in our appearance and to reflect our personality. The nature of a person can also be seen in the manner he treats his hair. Therefore it is evident that to maintain a good and well-maintained hair care routine should be followed to keep our hair in proper form. More than styling your hair it is essential that you pay some attention towards the health of the hair. As a healthy hair can better reflect the exact styling that you want your hair to have.

Therefore for a better hair care routine the most essential thing is to supply your hair with proper nutrition. Proportionate amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals supplied through diet to the hair is the most crucial thing for the health growth of the hair. Any negligence in this respect can cause a lot of damage to your hair. And this may also lead you towards untimely baldness. Therefore you can see that providing good nutrition to the hair is much important of you do not want you hair to fall off. As we all know that our hair is mostly made of proteins, hence it is clear that out hair would be in want of it the most. And for having a good supply of proteins to the hair, you can add animal products in your diet chart. Proteins are also available in green and leafy vegetables.

Other than proteins the hair is also in need of vitamins, especially biotin. Besides that vitamins A, B, C, and E are also important for the health of the hair. But it should be kept in mind that these vitamins should be supplied to the hair in the right proportion. If there is a lack of supply, and also if supplied in excess it may become the reason for hair fall also. Our hair also needs appropriate supply of minerals too. Minerals like copper, iron, iodine, zinc and silica are also the necessities of the hair. Therefore you should have all these nutritious elements present in your diet chart for having a healthy and better-looking hair.

Along with providing nutrition to the hair from inside, our hair also needs some external care too. The first thing to do in relation to that is to keep you hair clean and tidy. And for that reason shampooing on every alternate day is necessary. And along with that is needed the proper conditioning of the hair. Conditioning provides the essential moisturizing to the hair and along with that it provides protection from external damages.

Now comes some of the protective measures to prevent your hair from getting damaged. Try to avoid any sort of heat treatments to your hair. Heating dries up the hair, which can also create a lot of problems for your hair. Other than this the scorching summer sun is also not much good for your hair. In that case it is recommended to put on a hat or a scarf before stepping out in the sun. And if that is not possible at least apply some sunscreen conditioner to your hair. Thus it is seen that our hair needs a lot of attention. When this is done properly you are going to have healthy shiny hair.

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