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How Can Allergic Conjunctivitis Be Diagnosed And Treated

The white part of our eye is covered by a thin clear membrane, which is the inner surface of the eyelids called “conjunctiva”. Allergic conjunctivitis is the inflammation of this conjunctiva. It is also known as “pinkeye”. This occurs when the conjunctiva itches, the eyes become red, the eyelids swell and a lot of tears are produced.

Itching is the most common symptom. The symptoms become worse with the weather is warm and dry whereas cooler climates and rain tend to ease the symptoms. It can be alarming because it makes the eyes extremely red and can spread quickly.

Bacteria and viruses can cause this disease. This is why allergy diagnosis is important.

Most of the time, allergic conjunctivitis is caused by allergies. This usually happens to people with allergic conditions. Allergens can be animal dust mites, animal dander, ragweed pollen and grass. Sometimes, a substance in the environment can also irritate the eye and cause this disease. These substances can be air pollutants like fumes and smoke, or chemicals such as soaps and chlorine.

When allergy diagnosis is done, seeking immediate medical help is needed. Although this disease goes away on its own, other types require treatment. Treatment includes avoiding the allergens (the substance that causes the allergy), applying safe eye drops or taking prescribed tablets.

Babies who are born to a mother with STD are prone to allergic conjunctivitis, and if it goes untreated for a long time, it can cause serious health complications. This disease can happen to babies when the bacteria or virus passes from the birth canal into the baby’s eyes during delivery, causing allergic conjunctivitis. That is why doctors immediately give eye drops or antibiotic ointment all babies after birth. Doctors also check pregnant women for STDs and treat them to avoid transmission of the infection to the baby.

For pregnant women, be sure that you visit your ob gyne regularly for your check ups so you can monitor your health and especially for your baby’s health. This is important to avoid those kinds of diseases that you and your baby may obtain during or after your pregnancy. Make it sure that you make your pregnancy period healthy so your baby can develop healthily and obtain good nutrition. It is a great way to establish healthy living and healthy diet for every woman so in case they will get pregnant, they won’t have risks obtaining any kind of diseases especially for their babies. Pregnant women must be more careful for their health because it is not only for themselves but also for the baby they are carrying on their womb. Being aware and having a lot of information about pregnancy can decrease the risks of having diseases that may occur on their children and themselves. There are so many tips and advices that you can learn from these sites and for you to do ti in your everyday life. Just always remember and keep these words in mind that your health is your wealth.

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