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How Massage Can Give You Relief from Stress and Tension

Massage helps to reduce and to relieve stress and decrease anxiety levels, therefore promoting physical well being.  It has been suggested that up to 90% of all diseases and conditions can be linked with stress, and that any reduction in mental stress levels improves our physical health.

The quality of sleep and sleep patterns are improved because of the mental calmness that massage promotes.  This in turn increases energy levels and the greatest benefit is when the massage therapy is carried out on a regular basis reducing tiredness and stress.

As a result of the reduction in stress and anxiety levels, clarity of thought is improved allowing for better concentration and again a reduction in tiredness.

Reducing stress levels can induce a feeling of euphoria!

Massage can play an important role in helping you deal with tension, which causes a lot of wear and tear on your body.  It strains tendons (which hold your muscles to your bones), it pulls joints tighter together (leading to grinding/crunching sounds and worn out cartilage), it limits your movement, interferes with your coordination and may even make you more accident prone. 

Tension also burns up fuel in your muscles, making you feel tired and creates toxic waste products called metabolites, which fatigue your muscles and make them sore and achy.

Controlling your tension will make you will feel more comfortable and prevent problems from occurring.

Stress is one of the major sources of muscle tension.  When under stress, you become like a turtle trying to pull its head into its shell.  Your shoulder muscles might tighten up or they might round forward and lift up as your head pulls back.  If your stress levels are high, you might notice your shoulders around your ears.  Visit and start to relieve yourself of all that built up stress!

By just sitting and staying in one position for a length of time will cause your muscles to tighten up.  In effect you are training your muscles to lock into position and it will then take them quite a while for them to realise that they can relax.

The most vulnerable areas for tension are your neck, shoulders and back but always remember tension can develop in any muscle in your body.

Massage helps to induce a relaxation response reducing the common defensive reactions in your body.  Relaxation also causes your brain and nervous system to slow down, which in turn lowers the tension level of all the muscles in your body.

Massage pulls and stretches, physically releasing the muscle.  The sensations your muscles feel give your brain information about the level of tension that exists and helps your nervous system adjust your muscles to a normal level of tone.  

When receiving a massage you feel the tension leaving your body immediately, you do not have to wait for days or weeks to see results.

Regular massage both reduces your tension and trains your muscles to maintain a lower level of tension.  When your muscles are healthy and relaxed, they won’t be tender and you won’t feel any discomfort, even when you are receiving a massage.  You can start to get rid of all your tension immediately – why wait? – visit and begin to feel great.

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