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How to Recognize Early Menopause Symptoms and Deal With Them

As often as woman may complain about having a menstrual cycle, the fact is that it is hard to find a woman who looks forward to menopause. The simple fact is that menopause is a very hard time for women to go through. In many respects it is like having a second puberty only, in this case, the woman is very aware of her menopause symptoms and how they affect her and the people who surround her. You need to understand the different symptoms of menopause so that you can be a good support system for the women in your life who have to go through “the change”. Here are some symptoms to keep an eye out for if your wife, mother, girlfriend or daughter is around the age that menopause usually starts.

Perhaps one of the most easily identified menopause symptoms is the mood swing. It is this symptom that makes menopause closely resemble puberty and (however ironically) the early stages of pregnancy. A woman going through menopause is prone to sudden and often, irrational mood swings. In one minute she can be completely calm. The next minute she will have burst into tears about something that she didn’t care about last week. If a woman in your life is experiencing these types of mood swings and is not pregnant (or going through puberty) it is possible that she is going through menopause. Be sensitive!

Losing the ability to sleep through the night is one of the troubling symptoms that menopausal women experience. If you are used to sleeping without waking and are suddenly having trouble falling or staying asleep it is possible that you are experiencing symptoms of menopause. Sometimes the women who have trouble sleeping also have hot flashes and night sweats. Sometimes it is not. Many times this symptom gets overlooked as nothing more than trouble sleeping. If you are experiencing this symptom you should talk to your doctor just to make sure that you are okay.

Increased levels of itchiness is a symptom of menopause that many women ignore because they don’t know what it is. Crawling or constantly itchy skin is something that some women who are going through menopause experience. Dry skin does not feel this intense.

The best description is “it’s like ants are crawling through my skin.” This can be very disturbing for some women who aren’t sure what it is that they are feeling. If you can’t stop scratching because your skin feels unusually itchy, you should call your doctor. It might be nothing more than a simple skin condition. It might also be a sign that you are about to go through or are already going through menopause.

In a word menopause is treacherous. Menopause is a drastic and unpleasant change for a woman to endure. A woman going through menopause can be a challenge to those in her life too. It is important to remember that a woman going through menopause cannot help what she is feeling or experiencing. The changes her body is experiencing and reacting to are involuntary. Above all else be patient and understanding without judging her actions too harshly. Eventually she will even out again. Being able to recognize menopause symptoms can assist loved ones with the right reactions to a menopausal woman.

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