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How To Sustain Your Personal Growth Drive

Unless you understand what personal poise really means you may not be able to build and sustain self confidence or self esteem. This may even hamper your personal growth for self actualization.

You may find yourself limited in self realization or your ability to attain your potential if you are guided by any misleading ideas on this. To avoid false or misleading ideas about personal poise, it will be worthwhile for you to examine, explore and understand the fundamental elements of poise as will be highlighted here.

To sustain your personal growth or esteem/confidence building for self actualization take a first step by listing 3-5 characeristics you believe are linked with personal poise. This step will help you see that a root cause of limited attempt in self improvement aE” particularly regarding personal growth, lasting confidence or esteem building, and self actualization aE” is poor definition of the key terms. So, at this point, just take a few minutes to itemize 3-5 characteristics you think are linked with personal poise.

Have you done that? Great! Now, among the 3-5 items you listed is there any connected with a person’s appearance? Does any of them relate to elegance or charm? You may even ask a few of your friends or associates to each give you their lists. You may realize that more than 50 per cent of the items listed by them deal with a person’s appearance, comportment or elegance.

Interestingly, this is what you find even if you ask many other people. Why is this so? You see, most people are influenced by personal appearance and so tend to associate this with with qualities of personal poise and personal competencies. The point is that they confuse personal poise with such features as charm, personal magnetism and elegance! They have been influenced largely by such media as films and TV commercials.

In real sense there is a whole world of difference between elegance and personal poise. Simply put, elegance or charm is largely a matter of appearance but poise is much more than that. Personal poise has to do with the inner mind, or the heart if you prefer that. Thus, essentially, personal poise is more about the heart-and the mind-than about the body.It is seen in mental strength and emotional calmness.

You may find it hard to accept or appreciate this difference. Nevertheless, if you want to move in the direction of personal growth and self improvement for self actualization accepting this key difference is important. If you do not use this difference in the way you go about your self improvement or self esteem/confidence building you will be hindered along the way.

So, what are we trying to arrive at? The point is that personal poise, in real terms, means emotional soundness, mental strength, and calm inner assurance. Focus on these aspects in your confidence or esteem building for self actualization. Building emotional soundness, mental strength, and inner assurance first is critical to your personal growth and self actualization. If you do this you will make great progress in your self improvement and self actualization drive. Good luck!

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Dr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji, leads, helping people in self-estem development to be on top of their world. Better Poise Builder offers insightful self-esteem training.

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