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How to Train Range and Prayer in RuneScape (F2P) Up to Level 50

This article will teach you how to train prayer while training range. Prayer is the most tedious skill to train for f2p players because all the bones in f2p worlds only give 4.5, 15xp. Normal bones, monkey bones and burnt bones are the ones that give you 4.5xp each and big bones give you 15xp each. Range is one of the most used skills after attack, strength and defence!(The LEVEL ?-? titles are for the range levels not the prayer levels)!!!

Level 1-5

Start off with a shortbow and bronze arrows.I trained at cows north of Lumbridge (where Beefy Bill is). This is a good spot because cows have a decent amount of health. While killing the cows with range pick up their bones and bury them and if you want you can keep the cowhides and give them to Beefy Bill to bank for you. Never forget to pick up your arrows afterwards.


Now you can use oak bows again I recommend using the shortbow version. I recommend staying with bronze arrows because they are cheap but are still effective. If your combat level is 20 or higher I recommend going to the minotaurs in the Stronghold Of Security (it is in the center of Barbarian Village). If your combat level is lower than level 20 then train on barbarians or goblins (barbarians recommended because they have more health). Remember to pick up your arrows after each kill. Also remember to keep burying those bones.


Woohoo they you can use willow bows, that’s right you guessed it use a willow shortbow. By now you should be over prayer level 10 (or 15 if you picked up bones dropped by other players). Now it is time to get better arrows. I recommend buying 1k or 2k iron arrows. If your combat level is 34 or higher then I recommend going to Hill Giants because of their drops and because they have a fair amount of health. Hill Giants are good because they drop many things including Limpwurt Roots which sell for around 1.4k and they drop big bones which give 15xp compared to the 4.5xp obtained from normal bones.


Now you can use the best type of bow for f2p players Maple. Use the shortbow version again. Stay with iron arrows until you have more money and are level 50 range. If you have still been training on hill giants and burying their big bones then you should have around level 15, 20 prayer. Now I suggest training on Moss Giants either in the Varrock Sewers or Crandor Island (must have completed Dragon Slayer Quest). Again they drop big bones.


If you have enough runescape money I recommend buying full green d’hide with the coif (if you don’t have enough fist of guthix tokens then just buy a green d’hide coif 0 from the grand exchange) and 1k-3k Steel arrows. If you think your prepared then get lots of food and head over to lesser demons and start killing them. They are at the end of the f2p wilderness. !!!BE CAREFUL OF REVENANTS!!!

This is the end of this guide. Look at for the rest of it later on. Hope you liked it. And sorry if there are any spelling errors.

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