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Implementing Health And Safety At Work

Few workers know their rights to health and safety at work, with some employees never having had any training. No matter where you are working, whether it is in a bookshop or at a large warehouse, it is vital for all employees to have some basic health and safety training. Some areas of employment may require more in-depth training, whereas others may only need a basic short course. Wherever you work health and safety at work is an important part of creating a structured working environment.

There are ways of raising awareness for health and safety at work without having to invest some time and money into organising training courses straight away. All companies and organisations should have a copy of a handbook that is up-to-date and information that helps to point their employees in the right direction. These handbooks provide information on everything related to safety at work, targeting different levels of safety awareness and instruction on how to maintain a safe working environment in offices of 5 to 500 people.

The health and safety handbooks include information on fire hazards, electrical risks, injuries and accidents, first aid, heavy lifting, manual labour and safety around the work premises. There are more specific handbooks related to accidents and injuries, fire safety and electrical safety, however most companies only require the basic handbooks unless the company is in need of more specific topics. Nearly all work premises should have a poster, which is a large overview of the requirements, legal obligations and terminologies.

Even though companies should have all of the above, the training courses should never be ignored and it is the responsibilities of the management team to ensure staff are up-to-date on this. All training courses should be organised by a qualified appointed professional or through a recognized and certifiable agency. The courses can range from full one day courses to full five days. Some people may even need to study in college for a full qualification in health and safety practises. These are suitable for people wanting to train others or working in areas which may have a high risk of affecting ones health.

Some organisations may provide new employees with a basic training handbook which enables them to have a good grasp of what is expected from them. For people working in schools, hospitals, health care industry or within the public sector they will need to have completed a health and safety training at work course before commencing work.

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