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Improve Your Teeth Color With Laser Bleaching

Throughout time, people of diverse ages and occupations have been concerned with their teeth color. Egyptians used a special paste to have their teeth whitened while Romans used a substance based on ammonia in order to reduce yellowish shades. As for the modern times, there procedures for teeth whitening have gone from the application of bleaching gel to laser technology, the latter having amazing effects. So, if you are prepared to get rid of the discoloration in your teeth, you should definitely consider laser bleaching.

Paying a visit to a dentist in order to get some information about laser bleaching is not a bad idea at all. While the laser technology is capable of removing enamel stains and whitening the teeth, it is important to understand that each procedure pertaining to cosmetic dentistry has its advantages and disadvantages. Only the dentist is capable of saying if your teeth color can benefit from a procedure such as laser bleaching. You can also go online and check out the information presented on cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening methods, making sure that you select a procedure that is right.

Laser bleaching is a procedure that can only be performed at the dentist, as opposed to other methods used to improve teeth color such as the application of whitening gel or strips. The dentist will first apply a special bleaching gel to the teeth and use the laser technology in order to put in motion the active ingredient. The enamel of the teeth will be penetrated by the laser light and the teeth will obtain a lighter shade in an instant. If you are wondering how long the procedure lasts, you should know that the duration depends entirely on how much are the teeth stained. From what has been said so far, you can realize by far the main advantage laser bleaching brings into the picture. We are talking of course about the fact that it only takes a single visit to the dentist to improve your teeth color and bring them to a whiter shade.

Having talked about the advantages of laser bleaching, it kind of makes to present the disadvantages, if there are any to mention. First of all, the procedure is quite expensive and not everyone can afford paying a high sum of money in order to remove teeth staining. Second, everyone will notice the sudden change and you might feel slightly embarrassed. You will have to decide if these are really disadvantages and if you really want to have your teeth whitened through laser bleaching. Think how much your teeth color matters and then take a decision that is based on the benefits of the chosen procedure.

It is incredible to think that today we can have our teeth whitened using laser technology, the results being fast and highly efficient. However, not all people are suitable for laser bleaching and the dentist will be sure to determine whether you are the right candidate or not. You might also be suggested other procedures such as the application of porcelain veneers or dental crowns, depending of course on the health of your teeth. Laser bleaching is often times more recommended to those patients who have either yellowish or brownish staining. It is a recognized fact that it does not work that well on people whose teeth are more grayish than yellow. So, you see, teeth color does matter, especially when cosmetic dentistry is involved.

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