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In The Present Circumstances Solar Garden Lighting Seems to be The Best Option

A garden in front of the house and/or in the backyard is always welcome. It provides the necessary lung space, it enhances the aesthetic beauty of the house and it is the best place to relax the mind and the body. Garden should be beautified and decorated with appropriate lighting so that it gives a wonderful look during the night.

When it comes to lighting, one has to think twice because of the monthly expense on the electricity bill. But that is not a thing to worry about in the present days because of the introduction of solar lighting specially tailored for the gardens.

What are the advantages of solar garden lighting?

Cost effective:

Each light point is independent of itself and normally it does not require any cabling or wiring, etc. As it draws power directly from the rays of the sun, it does not require any electric power. It stores the power drawn from the sun in a battery and the stored power is used to illuminate in the night time. As there is no use of electric power, it does not have any impact on the electricity bill.

Available in varieties:

The solar lights are available in many varieties to suit individual taste and need. The solar power can also be used to power the fountain. It can be used to light the pathways, trees and plants. It can also be used for lighting both inside and outside the garden area.

Easy to install:

Each unit has a solar panel, sensor, LED and battery. All these come as a compact unit. So each light point is a power generation unit by itself. It is very easy to install. Installation can be done by anyone. Instructions are given in the booklet about the installation process. The light sensor automatically switches on the light when it is dark and switches off during the day time. So power inside the battery is stored. There are provisions to prevent overcharging of the battery.

Lighting arrangement can be changed:

Since each light point is a separate unit by itself, the lighting arrangement can be changed any time and it does not cost anything in terms of money. This is because the change does not call for any change of wiring or cabling, etc.


The solar lighting is absolutely safe. It does not cause any shocks. The solar panels and other units are free from corrosion.

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