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Keeping Positive As Autumn Draws In

The memories of your summer holiday have started to fade along with your hope of seeing any more good weather for the year. It may sound depressing but once September hits it’s not long before the raincoat comes out and the central heating goes on. It’s quite common to feel a bit low this time of year. As soon as the kids are back to school the shops will be filled with Christmas decorations reminding us the next big event is still three months away. You can hardly be surprised if you start to feel a little bit sorry for yourself. You’ll probably not even notice until you’re in the middle of the winter blues. One morning you’re waking up with the sun streaming through your windows and the next you’re driving to work with your headlights on and the wipers going full speed.

Exercise is the best way to keep your mind in a positive mood. You don’t have to drag yourself for an early morning run or the gym if you don’t want to. You’re bound to find something you really enjoy doing if you look hard enough. Vibration fitness could be exactly what you’re looking for. With over a hundred vibrations every second these plates are great for keeping you in shape. Each vibration will make your muscles contract which in turn will cause them to strengthen and tone. The vibrating plate has been used by Russian astronauts to strengthen muscles after they were subjected to zero gravity. The powerful plates can even speed up healing time on damaged muscles too.

As well as investing in some sensible exercise equipment it’s also important you eat healthily as well. Finding exotic and fun foods may be a bit harder once the weather cools down but you still need to be healthy. Sugars maybe easier to find but they’ll leave you feeling low. A thick soup is the perfect healthy snack for cold nights so why not make one out of the winter vegetables in the shops.

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