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Learning to Take Care of Your Garden

Green Thumbs are Not Necessary

Seeds will grow if planted and taken care of. All you need is a little water, lots of sun and a decent soil. This is the simple fact about gardening and life itself. There are no sure fire ways to ensure that you will have a garden worthy of a blue ribbon award, but there are definite ways to ensure that your plants will grow nicely. Plants will not care if you have prior experience in gardening or not, all they need are the basic necessities to live and they will do the rest. What most people fail to realize about gardening is that plants wish to grow for their own selves, not for the benefit of the garden owners. Owning a garden is taking on the responsibility of ensuring that your plants are growing well, it is not for the aesthetic approval of your neighbors. If your plants grow beautifully and your house looks nicer, that is a fringe benefit.

Appreciating Your Plants

One thing garden owners should realize is that plants are living things. Humans, animals and plants all possess life and that life should be nurtured and cherished. Owning a garden is a testament to human being’s capability to take care of all other living things on this planet. This is why owning a garden is not just a hobby; it is a way of life. While we may not mourn the passing of a shrub or can easily ignore the death of a tree, it is an undeniable fact that every plant in our garden is a living thing and we should take care of it.

Taking on this responsibility, while important is an actually quite simple. Plants, as living things, have the will and capacity to live; as long as they receive the right amount of resources needed, they will flourish on their own without the need for special care and attention. But when it is not given, plants will naturally wither and die. This is the conundrum for all gardens.

Understanding the Benefits of Having a Garden

What will give you the best drive and motivation to properly take care of your garden is by identifying the many benefits that a garden gives to a home. A lawn alone gives you space to breathe and appreciate your house more. The effect that a lawn gives to a household are plenty and quite beneficial. Health wise, having a garden will give you a supply of fresh clean air when you leave the house in the morning and when you arrive at home at night. Clean air is very important when it comes to relieving stress and many respiratory problems. Also, if you have a garden at the back of your home where you might hang laundry, the clean air will keep your clothes and other fabrics smelling fresh and clean.

Gardens give you a place to relax, have fun and play, either on your own or with your family. The garden can be your own personal place of restful solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. GP

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