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Lose Weight Using Hoodia

What is “Hoodia”? Hoodia Gordonii, simply called, “Hoodia”, is a cactus-like desert plant. It is found in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

This plant contains a natural appetite suppressor, a molecule known as P57. This molecule, identified by the British pharmaceutical company, Phytopharm, is known to suppress our hunger for food. Scientists have known about the hunger-reducing affect of Hoodia for over 70 years now.

Hoodia’s P57 molecule acts on the brain, mimicking the natural affect of food you get when you feel satisfied from eating. You feel full even though you have not eaten. When you do eat, you can eat less food and yet satisfy your hunger. Hoodia’s P57 molecule also causes a delay in the time before hunger sets in again.

Hoodia is both a natural and a very powerful and successful tool that many use today in their battle against excessive body fat. But what do you know about the manufacturer of such non-regulated herbal products? Do you know if the products are contaminated or pure? It is important to purchase your herbal products from reputable and reliable sources.

You and I need to verify that the manufacturers that bottle the herbal supplements we buy have very high quality-control standards. Not all manufactures are trustworthy.

As with any drug—whether it is produced in a test tube or extracted directly from a plant—check with your doctor before using it. In addition to eating less calories, exercise is obviously important. Have your doctor prescribe a good exercise routine for you. Eating less food, with Hoodia’s help, along with regular exercise is a powerful combination for those who are serious about losing weight in a natural, healthy way.

The information listed above is not medical advice. Rather, it is meant to increase the reader’s awareness of potential health care alternatives. For medical attention, advice, diagnosis and treatments, see your qualified health-care professional.

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