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Lower Your Blood Pressure Through Meditation

Meditation is rapidly gaining recognition in being a useful way to lower blood pressure. Prescribed around the world by doctors, meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure, scientifically. Stress is one of the leading risk factors known to cause high blood pressure and meditation is a very successful method to reduce stress levels. Those that practice transcedental meditation have been proven by reasearch that are able to maintain their blood pressure level even without the help of medication.

If you don’t know what meditation is you can think of it as the process that allows you to obtain concentrated attention on something be it thought, an action or your breathing. The main objective is to tune the attention towards the mind and control it instead of the other way round. By virtue of such a process the mind no longer remains a controlling force and all distracting thoughts can disappear. With several undeniable benefits and no side effects meditation is a good choice for those that are willing to experiment, they can also observe for themselves the truth in the research. To control blood pressure along with limited intake of caffeine, salt and sodium, exercising, Transcendental Meditation should also be incorporated as a part of the lifestyle change. It is one of the easiest meditation techniques and it not just reduces blood pressure but also your dependency on medication.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Apart from lowering your blood pressure, meditation also brings peace, stability, intellectual agility, creativity and promotes overall health of the body. With regular practice of meditation for at least two sessions each lasting for even only 15 minutes it has been proven by reasearch that you can get a measurable decrease in blood pressure level. Until you are ready to progress to a higher level of meditation you can follow the instructions given bellow. Find a location for yourself that is quiet and comfortable. Lavender oil can be used if you enjoy a nice smell. Known to calm and soothe ones nerves, the smell of Lavender oil rubbed onto your wrists should be enough. The next step is sitting on your yoga mat. The position can be whatever you like, legs crossed, uncrossed or even lying on the bed. Before proceeding it is very important to make yourself feel comfortable. Before meditating is is necessary to feel totally comfortable and relaxed. According to what soothes you most you can keep the lights low, use candles or even do it in the dark. Next step is trying a few deep breathing techniques like breathing through your right nostril while keeping the right one blocked and releasing the air through the left nostril while keeping the right one blocked. You can should repeat this process five times each time changing the nostril you first use to breath in. You could also try to breath deeply a few times through you mouth after that and then get started with the process of meditation which means keeping your mind on your breathing process and being aware of your body at all times.

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