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Memory Care Leawood Kansas

With age, we almost come to expect that things won’t be the same again. Our bodies won’t be as fit and agile as they used to be. But so is the case with the memory. And just like we start taking additional care for the bodies, we need to do the same with the mind. Until recently, we never really bothered about the little things that we tended to forget, but with the increasing awareness about Alzheimer’s we start taking such missteps very seriously. There is no need to ring the alarm bells just yet, as forgetfulness can have other causes as well like distraction or depression. And with age we also experience what is known as ‘delayed recall’ wherein the time needed to recall detailed information increases. This is often interpreted as forgetfulness when what is really going on is a search through one’s “archives”, which can take a little longer.

So before you jump to the conclusion that you are literally losing your mind, you could consider these other possibilities and take some action on your own. You need not purchase over-the-counter memory aids, as doing so may prevent or delay you from looking for some of the deeper causes of memory loss.

Take some quiet time at the beginning of the day and reflect on what you want to accomplish and plan your tasks. Making a list is a helpful way of keeping some order. If your memory loss is associated with sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness or thoughts of suicide, see a health professional at once. You may be struggling with depression.

Have your hearing tested by a professional audiologist. If you cannot properly discriminate speech, you will mis-hear what people are saying and respond inappropriately. And this may lead you to imagine your mental ill-being, and very importantly, be patient with yourself – if you cannot recall something immediately, give yourself a few minutes. The lost bit of data will often turn up and will diminish your anxiety as a consequence.

Also, there is a growing body of evidence that one key way to keep yourself sharp is to exercise your mind. Read, write, play complicated games that require memory. If your work is technically demanding, think twice about retirement and instead structure a slowdown in your work schedule rather than total cessation. See your physician if you have any further concerns. For memory care in leawood, Kanasas you should inculcate memory skills like relax, concentrate, focus, slow down, organize, and very importantly visualize. Researchers have found out that visualization as a technique is very useful in keep the mind sharp and imaginative. And just like you earmark time for body exercises, earmark time for memory care in Leawood Kansas .

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