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Menstrual Disorders Treatment & How to Treat Menstrual Disorders

Women have to face many problems related to their genital parts like excessive vaginal discharge, menstruation and menstrual disorders. These problems make women tired and frustrated. Menstrual disorder is the commonest for all. Some women gets their menstruation on time but other has to face many menstrual disorders like lack of periods, excessive bleeding, pain, irregular periods and starting and stopping same time every month. In these crucial time women really have to take care of themselves or needs proper care and affection from their family or people around them. Menstrual disorders really affect their health. Sometimes women feel fatigue, illness and anemia.

There are some menstrual disorders

1. Lack of periods: It can be caused by any stress like any tension, family stress, job stress. It can be caused due to excessive intake of medications, smoking, alcohols and drugs. Lack of periods can be caused due to any illness or sudden change in weight. Hormonal changes or irregularities of hormones can cause lack of periods. Eating habits can also effect to menstruation.

2. Painful periods: Painful periods can be caused due to any diseases or illness like thyroid and any chronic diseases. You are recommended to consult your doctor or any health care to deal with painful menstrual disorders.

3. Excessive or lengthy bleeding: Excessive flow of blood can caused due to hormonal imbalance or any diseases like thyroid, diabetes, liver or kidney diseases, miscarriage, leukemia, blood clotting, heavy exercises or workouts and any other infections. All these can cause excessive and lengthy flow of bleeding.

4. How to Deal with Menstrual Disorders: There are many antibiotics are offered to deal with the menstrual disorders. But these pills can have side effects like they can cause headache, fatigue and insomnia. Menstrual disorder can be caused due to excessive use of medications. Always go for the natural and herbal treatments. It’s proven that these treatments do not have any side effects.

Regular exercises and yoga are very effective to deal with menstrual disorder and also any health problem. Learn different postures of yoga like paraynama is the very effective posture. It helps you to give proper blood circulation and also helps to reduce the excessive flow of blood and pain also.

Avoid alcohols, drugs and smoking as they cause irregularities in periods. So by avoiding this you can have periods on time. Consuming of water is the very effective method to control excessive flow of blood. Apart from this water helps to clean all the infection from your body through urine. So drink water as much as you can at least 8 to 10 glass in a day.

Consuming of raw fruits and vegetables like cucumber and juices helps you to fill the gap in menstruation. Also reduce the excessive bleeding. Healthy diet helps you to stay healthy. So take nutritious diet as all nutrients help your body to do functioning well. Also avoid spicy food. Take sun bathe it helps you to get rid from menstrual disorders. Coriander seeds help you in reducing the excess flow of bleeding. You can have coriander seeds as your tea. Boil coriander seeds in water and consume.

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